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At iVantage we are not just a recruiter, we are your consultant. To find the right fit we need to understand your needs and how to help you achieve your vision. We have tools and resources available, but our recruiters are the ultimate resource in your job search!

Person not Payday

We value people. Organizations do not succeed without people. We respect your needs and skills and try to find the best fit, not whatever works to get a payday. If a position does not work for you, rest assured it does not work for us.

Your Career, Your Fit

We want to help you achieve your vision for your career. As your recruitment consultant we want to understand your needs from salary expectations to the cultures types you flourish in. We are here to present options, not pressure you to take a position that does not fit. We support you as the decision maker.



I have a great experience working with Shivani from iVantage Partners Inc. for the past several years.
Starting from identifying opportunities, Shivani behaves professionally to clarify consulting requirements, refine qualifications, arrange interview time slots and follow up afterwards.

Shivani actively works on contract extensions and further opportunities; it benefits both employers and consultants.
Ontario Govt.

It is a great experience to work with iVantage Partners Inc. (VOR) and the manager Shivani. She is is very dedicated and professional. During the cooperation, we have built up the trust and friendship, which is really hard to get from other job agencies. All the best to iVantage Partners Incand Shivani
Ontario Govt.